built for life™
Pad P4

We have created a house, and indeed a self build system, where buildings meet brands, engineering meets entertaining and style meets contentment; where things can and do slot together as they should.

The key to creating this home has been collaboration.

And particularly with the team at Piercy Conner who share the name of the first complete Pad with us.

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We are not out to reinvent the wheel, but we can all make things a little bit better. And where better to start than at home? Pad is a response to modern life and a suggestion for modern living.

Everyone needs a home and more and more of us want to build our own. We have fond a way to make self-building easier and more flexible, while offering more choice with high quality service and finish.

So welcome to Piercy Conner/Pad P4 - 001. We hope you enjoy visiting as much as we have enjoyed building it.