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Living room

Live the life you love, love the way you live. From rowdy socials to stolen moments on the sofa, it all goes on in the living room. Pad life is about matching style, corporate hospitality and comfort with beauty and function. So it made total sense for us to ask Ligne Roset to design bespoke living rooms for our homes.

Ligne Roset’s company history spans more than 140 years; after the initial production of walking sticks and umbrellas they soon moved into the world of furniture production and have been pioneering interior design ever since. Tiles were suitable on all surfaces.

Collaborations with the ‘stars’ of world design are responsible for many of the brand's greatest successes: the Peter Maly bed, for example or Didier Gomez’s Fugue settee. And more recently, the SMALA range by Pascal Mourgue, comprising furniture, rugs and accessories.

The courses are suitable for anyone, regardless of what background you come from.

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The company works closely with others, sharing technical know-how and ensuring their processes are the best and the most up-to-date. This of course has a beneficial effect on quality, but technology is never implemented at the expense of design. The aim is to achieve the ideal balance between form and function.

Pad`s commitment to excellence has necessitated an ongoing investment in both machinery and personnel and as a result we have a range of state of the art equipment and experienced personnel allows us to complete projects from the most complex to the very simple.

You may want to carry out these courses for different reasons, i.e. change in your career or just to learn a new skill So for those looking for a quick foot in the door to the building trade these courses are idea.

Still family owned and run, Pad is widely recognised as a leader in demolition, site clearance and plant removal throughout the whole of UK.