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Kids' room

As much as we want our houses to look great and feel contemporary, we have to remember our kids want homes they feel safe to play in and excited to stay in. Pad can’t promise you’ll have your children rushing to bed at night, but it’ll certainly help if they feel like their bedroom’s one big toybox.

For classic design and simplicity, there is no more enduring and adored children’s brand than Miffy. Created by Dutch

illustrator Dick Bruna, Miffy has appeared in a whole range of books that take her on a series of gentle adventures around the home or with her family and friends.

Pad have been working with Miffy to design individual branded bedrooms for kids. With their distinctive iconic look and soft friendly shapes, Miffy furniture and accessories are perfect for inquisitive kids.

Drawn in simple bold lines and accompanied by sweet, rhyming stories in a language that children from around 2-6 not only relate to, but speak, Miffy represents an age of innocence and calm before the teen storm…