built for life™

One of the great joys about moving in to a Pad is that your bathroom can be completely designed, installed, tested, decorated and water tight when you arrive. Perfect.

There’s no such thing as an ordinary Pad. And when it comes to a brand new bathroom for your brand new home, C.P.Hart offers no ordinary design and no ordinary experience.

To see a full range of beautiful, stylish, modern, practical and luxury bathrooms click here to see brands including Aqulisa, Matki and Grohe bathrooms.

Renowned for their quality, diversity and individuality, C.P. Hart has been at the forefront of bathroom design since 1937. Now part of the international Nobia Group, the company continues its proud tradition of innovative and practical bathroom and kitchen designs.

With influential names like Alessi, Starck, Foster and Citterio adding authenticity, flair and real substance to their collection, you can be sure that the C.P. Hart designs you see will be anything but ordinary.

Appealing, captivating design is fundamental to every bathroom in the collection.

Anyone who appreciates good design will appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into every piece of bathroom furniture, making each item a thing of beauty.

Our range of luxury Bathroom suites are excellent value for money and can be delivered to your door. Click the links below to see our complete range of bathroom suites or contact us today for more information.