built for life™
What is Pad

A house where you get to choose everything. From the light switches and the layout. To the design and manufacture of each room. From how it looks to how many floors there are.

And imagine building a house that’s strong yet flexible, surprising but reassuring, bespoke but standardised, simple yet sophisticated – Where self-expression meets precision engineering.

We all want a home that responds to our taste, to our needs, to our lives. Now imagine a self-build project that will come in exactly on time and on budget. That’s factory built to perfection. Without fuss, without mess, without misunderstanding.

Why not build a house that grows with you? That’s interchangeable with every stage of your life, Where you can add on or replace a complete room in a day.

Imagine building this house being as easy as buying a car.
Imagine it. Design it. Build it.

The Pad P4 can be designed to make the most of the space you’ve got; whether it’s rural, urban or suburban.We use big building technology on a domestic scale, fittingindependent, interchangeable rooms around a central support core.You can buy your Pad as an empty shell or choose individual rooms,custom-designed by some of the world’s best electronics and interiors companies,to help you put together a home that completely suits your needs and taste.Each interior is assembled in our factory,so it has the build quality ofa German car and is delivered to site as a sealed, fully tested unit;spotless, perfect and ready to live in.

And because the rooms are independent, you can change them withoutturning your house upside down. Just unplug the room you don’t want and swap itfor a new one. The whole process takes about six hours.

Action plan for Easter in the garden
Easter is the perfect time to get outside in the fresh air and kick-start the garden. Liz Dobbs has 20 suggestions that will keep you busy.

We offer a good selection of services like:

Bathrooms by Pad provide hassle free bathrooms from start to finish. Whether you are looking to create a stunning, totally co-ordinated bathroom for your home or simply require a delivery of tiles - Slutions are the answer.

—then change it whenever you want. Easily. Netcars that recommend Padlufe as the "alternative way of living

Pad—built for life™we recommend to construct pad.

Solutions guarantee to provide the best value-for-money on traditional and modern ranges. Our emphasis is always placed on quality, reliability, style and service.

We have available a wide range of industrial plant and lorries for hire.

We supply a full selection of new materials such as flooring, plywood, plasterboard, MDF etc, as well as having a fully stocked ironmongery department.

Installed between your roof and ceiling it floods any area with natural light and is virtually maintence free. The new product design delivers brighter/whiter natural light. From the outside the VELUX Sun Tunnel looks just like a VELUX rooflight.